In order to preserve a good climate in your room, you need to air your room out on a regular basis. How to air out a room properly: Make sure to open the window completely! Make sure to open the window for about 5 minutes!

You have to options to park your bike. You can park it both at the back door (covered parking lot) and in the basement, but nowhere else. You should lock your bike. If your bike is stolen, you can’t make the Deggendorfer StudentenZentrum pay for it. However, your personal home contents insurance might pay.

We are very interested in keeping the property clean. So, the housekeeping service works very hard to provide clean common rooms, halls and so on. To keep your room clean, however, you are responsible on your own.

common rooms
a common room is available (you can study, communicate or relax there)

Your deposit is 300€. You will be repaid the money without interest within six weeks after the end of your contract. All additional payments (e.g. housekeeping service) will affect your deposit accordingly.

duration of your stay
Please be so kind as to understand that the minimum period of validity for every contract is 6 months, no matter if you arrive late of leave early.

All apartments/rooms are generously furnished. You are supposed to accept the furniture and to keep it in your room.

home contents insurance
Neither the owners nor the administration can accept liability for damages, which might happen to your household goods. Therefore, it is necessary for you to check your home contents insurance.

house rules
House rules are absolutely necessary to provide a pleasant stay for everybody. You receive it together with your contract and you have to sign it. You can download it as well (see link).

in case of moving out
Before you can move out, you need to make an appointment with the administration. They will check if your apartment/room is in proper condition (all in all acceptable and thoroughly cleaned) and will record this. If there is any problem, the housekeeping service will clean the room properly. However, you will be charged for this service (this will affect your deposit). At any rate, your mattress, bedclothes and curtains will be cleaned by the housekeeping service, because of hygienic reasons (this will affect your deposit; 25€).

internet access
Internet access is free of charge if you register your computer at the technical college/university.

The property has a special locking system. Therefore, you can’t reproduce keys on your own. If you lose your keys, you will be charged for an authorized reproduction. If you can’t get into the building anymore (e.g. keys were left in the apartment), you need to call the administration, who will help you in. However, you will have to pay at least 25€ for the service. Of course, you can call a private locksmith.

All apartments have a kitchen. You need to pay special attention to keeping it clean.

You have your individual mailbox and you receive a personal key for it. The number of your apartment/room resembles the number of your mailbox. You are supposed to empty your mailbox regularly. Furthermore, you need to hand in the key (together with all other keys) at the end of your stay. If you lose the key, you will be charged for it.

parking lot
You can contact the administration and sign a contract if you want to rent a parking lot. If you park your car without having reserved your personal parking lot, your car will be towed away. In addition to that, you will have to pay for this.

period of notice/expiration of contracts
If you want to give notice to quit your apartment/room, you need to do this in written form. The deadlines are: 28.02. and 30.09. All contracts are with a two-months period of notice.

You can connect your phone in all apartments/rooms.

the monthly rent consists of two parts:
1. regular rent 2. additional rent for electricity, water, heating, internet access
(accordingly, the prices are shown for every apartment/room)

The whole property is a non-smoking area. Consequently, it would be nice if you could avoid smoking in your apartment/room, too.

According to German law, you need to register your TV/radio etc. at the GEZ. The necessary form is available at the administration’s office.

washing machine
a room, in which you can wash and dry your clothes, is also available (a small charge will be made; location: basement of building Bahnhofsstraße 55a)

What you should have with you
– pillow, sheet
– bedclothes
– plates, glasses, etc.
– other housing goods